Challenges Faced

  • No Centralized Platform for all the stakeholders (6 different Govt. entities) at 108 Mandies across Haryana.
  • Lack of efficiency and transparency in food grains procurement process.
  • Lack of proper mechanism to check detailed information about farmers/arthiyas getting Minimum Support Price (MSP).
  • Communication gap between all the stakeholders.
  • Manual procedure was causing huge discrepancies in overall functionality of the department.
  • Difficulty to maintain the records which lead to delay in issuance and renewal of licenses for the traders and purchasers.

Strategies Implemented

Single platform catering to every aspect of the procurement process:
  • From farmer registration, farmer verification, auction of goods and payment to stakeholders, all actions are performed through this common platform.
  • Entry and exit of the commodities from the mandis.
  • Complete details of the transactions between different stakeholders at all levels.
  • Provision of SMS services through the application at various stages ensures complete transparency for all stakeholders and reduces ambiguity.
  • Each and every step in the procurement process is verified and entered in the application which leads to transparency and paperless activity.

H-Registers contains commodity info like weight, type, farmer details, auction data etc. and multiple stakeholders have access to it. Being a single page tool, it adds to the efficiency and transparency.

J Forms:-

Automatically generated through the system contains complete financial details of the transaction and has MSP pre-fed into the system.

Need Based Multiple User Access:-

Various stake holders have access to info they require and SMS alerts have been integrated with the system to provide real time information.

License Registration:-

e-Kharid caters to issuing of new licenses and renewal of old ones. It is ported on a dedicated server which acts a single platform repository for license data throughout the state



  • Single help desk number for any query/grievance.
  • Online payment is implemented. No need to chase government officers for payment.
  • Instant alerts for each and every transactions
  • Payment is disbursed by the government agencies on first come first serve basis via RTGS/Online.
  • System empowers the farmers by providing real time information and timely payments.


  • Ease of doing business for the Traders – Electronic submission of documents and bills to the government agencies.
  • Traders can access the system anytime anywhere.
  • Online issuance and renewal of licenses for the traders and purchasers.
  • No need for arthiyas/purchasers to visit Market Committee.
  • Quick and Queue less disbursement of funds to Arthiyas.


  • Department has embarked on a revolutionary e-governance initiative through “e-kharid’’ project.
  • Paperless System and Quick Approvals.
  • Re-engineered efficient processes through eradication of duplication in manual efforts by applying “capture once and multiple usage’ principle".
  • Transparency at all levels of food grains procurement processes.
  • Daily Transactions entry via Mobile App instead of age old paper and stamp system.

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