Captain Abhimanyu Singh
Industries and Finance Minister at the time of launch

The Haryana Government had sought public opinion and suggestions about its new industrial policy, so as to implement the most pro-active and progressive policy.This project is an example of Govt. for the people.

Challenges Faced

  • Delay in processing application as applicant has to submit their application manually in DIC (District Industries Centre) office.
  • It was difficult to preserve legacy data of 96748 societies and 2500 boilers.
  • As an applicant, it was difficult to visit DIC for every small change in societies/boilers/firms like a change in the name of societies/firms and renewal of boilers.
  • To adopt an efficient management practices in dealing with the public and their problems in its overall service delivery function.
  • To encourage the deployment of e-governance solutions by bringing efficiency to manage both industrial establishment and societies related functions.
  • Difficult to track actual statistics/centralized data bank for reflecting actual industrial growth in the state of Haryana.
  • Difficult to gather correct information from 21 District Industries Centres.
  • Difficult to track the working efficiency of District Industries Centres.
  • Real time information about all services was not available.

Strategies Implemented

Applicant End:-

Online Application Form for Registration of Societies, Boilers:

  • Single login to access all services associated with Department of Industries and Commerce, Haryana.
  • Select particular service from a dashboard.
  • Filling of online application form.
  • Uploading of required scanned documents.
  • Editing of the application (if required) and final submission.
  • System having both options of online payment as well as manual payment (Treasury challan).
  • Viewing status and notifications on applicant dashboard.
  • Applicant having a workflow of their submitted application so that he/she can see status and check to whom his/her application is assigned.
  • If there are discrepancies in application, rectifications will be done on online mode and there will be no manual interaction with DIC official and applicant.
  • All discrepancies will be conveyed to applicant via SMS and email alerts.
  • Applicant can revert on that discrepancy at any time and from any place.
Department End:-

Application Approval Processing:

  • Application received from the applicant on the dashboard.
  • Verification of all the documents and filled application form.
  • They can forward it to the lower grade officer for the inspection and verification of documents through information submitted by an applicant.
  • In case of any discrepancy, application put on hold for further processing.
  • Applicant will revert on same for further processing.
  • Final decision taken- Approved or Rejected.
  • Final decision Updated on applicant and office dashboard.
  • Certificate issued to the applicant.
MIS Reporting :-

We have developed a various MIS reports for Head Office and DIC of Department of Industries and Commerce, Haryana

  • We have developed district-wise MIS reporting to get the actual and real time information of all services for all districts which was missing in manual process.
  • MIS for getting real time information of each service district-wise with status pending/approved/rejected/on hold/forwarded.
  • Count-wise, status-wise and detailed MIS of each and every service is provided to Head office so that they can get more detailed information of each district.
  • Status of each application for each services was shown in Head office dashboard.
  • Delay/Pendency of applications can be tracked online by Head office dashboard.
  • All reports have been created and implemented online which they had to create manually and was a time consuming process.
  • MIS also provides information regarding working efficiency of DICs to the Head Office.


  • Online hassle free services through anytime anywhere registration to avail various services related to Registration & Regulation of Societies, Registration & Renewal of Boilers, Registration of firm and Incentive Schemes.
  • Newly built Incentive scheme solution will allow the applicant to apply for various services to get incentive benefits for the growth of their industries.
  • Industries can get incentive benefits online very easily without any hassle if they follow the guidelines of incentive schemes.
  • Transparency and improved efficiency in registration of societies, boilers, firms and incentive schemes.
  • Facilitate new as well as existing 96748 registered societies with regard to said services of societies.
  • Facilitate more than 2500 existing industries using the boilers.
  • Entrepreneurs/Applicants can have real time status of processing for application through auto alerts via e-mail & SMS during various stages of processing of application.
  • Entrepreneurs/Applicants can access information in respect of Acts & Rules etc directly from the Online Portal of Industries Department without visiting the department.

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