Challenges Faced

  • The main challenge was to streamline the process and workflow with a single integrated system.
  • Manual procedures caused huge discrepancies in overall functionality of the department.
  • There was no centralized database; as a result, data collection for report generation became an arduous task.
  • No visibility on seat numbers and seats filled or available in ITI.

Strategies Implemented

Online Admission:-
  • Online Counseling Web Portal.
  • Provision for inviting online applications.
  • To allot trade & ITIs to applicants as per merit position based on seat availability.
  • Integration of multiple payment modes.
  • Application status notification through SMS/e-mail.
Fee Management & Fee Accounting:-
  • Complete automation of Fees Management Process.
  • Integration of Online Payment System.
  • Tracking fee collection, students fee payments and receipts/refund fees.
  • Alerts on mobile APP.
Human Resource Management:-
  • Employee data is available on single dashboard.
  • Access to employee complete service book such as Joining/ Posting, Transfer, Promotion, Training, Suspension, Service Book, etc.
  • Attendance and Leave Tracking and Management.
  • Card Based or Biometric based attendance system.
Complaints and Grievances:-
  • Provision to students to record complaints/ Grievances.
  • Complaint shall include complaint id, complaint description, detailed description of complaint and nature of complaint.
  • All the complaints shall be addressed to designated Nodal Grievances officer/Chairperson.
Scholarship Management:-
  • Provision of online scholarship management for the student.
  • Department can check real time ITI wise scholarship statistics.
  • Facility of online disbursement of scholarship to the selected candidates.
Student Information Management:-
  • Add/ edit/ delete individual student as and when approved by authorities.
  • Student dashboard comprises of attendance records, timetable, examination schedules, results, events and important notifications/circulars.
  • Online Submission/Allocation of assignments.
  • Enhanced Student Teachers Interaction.
Exam Management:-
  • Pre and Post Conduct Procedure of Examination is defined.
  • State level compilation and evaluation of results.
  • Exam Management and Course Management.
Certificate Management:-
  • Students can print admit card from their login.
  • Students can download provisional mark sheet.
  • Easy to track student examination records.
  • Information regarding certificates is published on portal & SMS is sent automatically to the registered students.
Placement Management:-
  • Job Postings from various companies is posted on portal.
  • Students can check the eligibility criteria, list of shortlisted and selected candidates for campus drive from the portal.

Mobile APP

Student Teacher College
  1. View/Share Notifications
  2. View/Share Assignments
  3. Video Tutorials
  4. Notes
  5. Study Material
  6. Complaint Box
  7. Feedback
  8. Helpline Numbers
  9. View jobs listing
  10. Alumni Community
  11. Donate books,laptops etc to fellow students
Student teacher
  1. Sending instant notifications from teacher/college to students.
  2. Publishing academic calendar for students reference
  3. Sending circulars regarding upcoming events/practical/deadlines/holidays/submission of assignments/teachers on leave etc,with flexibility of choosing the target(for e.g. students,colleges,teachers or all)
  4. Publishing job listings and alumni community
  1. Enroll,add and delete student
  2. Upload daily assignments
  3. Share lectures and notes
  4. Upload question papers
  5. Share educational links
  6. Create and update time table
  1. Connect with colleagues
  2. Create and invite faculties for teacher training program
  3. Share class notes,study materials
  4. Share publications with teachers
  5. Share educational resources



  • A very Intuitive and smooth registration process without any hassle of being physically present.
  • Intimate each participating candidates about his/her application status through SMS / e-mail alert.
  • Candidates can apply online, pay the fee online, and check scholarship schemes, access to attendance records, timetable, and assignments over the portal.They can even download the provisional mark sheet from the portal.
  • Receive automated confirmation receipt: Once the payment is processed, applicant can receive a receipt confirming they have submitted their application form and their payment has been securely processed and accepted.


  • Customized and Centralized online system.
  • Simplify every administrative process from online admissions to registration and result processing.
  • It integrates all the departments of a University making it easier to monitor, track and evaluate the efficiency of each function and department, down to the smallest official.
  • Manages and processes large amounts of information in real-time for faster decision making.
  • Generates flexible reports to get insights of students or employees life cycle.
  • MIS Reports offers real-time information accessibility at higher level helping an effective control and monitoring at various ITI.

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